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Great Meeting Girls

Wow – all of you girls had some great ideas of the type of data that we need to capture there! And we are going to make a geocaching event too – great idea! Read about what geocaching is all about!

I’ve got a lot of data to add to our GPS units – restrooms, fire rings, shelters, trails, rivers and water fountains…just to name a few! If you think of something else before Saturday – just click on leave a comment and I will get it added! See you girls on Saturday!


Thinking about data…

This week – think about the data that you want to learn about Camp Ada.  Next week we are going to talk about all the different data that we want to collect using our GPS units. 

If you have never been to this girl scout camp – what type of information would you like to know?  Write down five things that you would like to know about this camp.  Here are mine:

1.  Were are the showers?

2.  Is there hot and cold water at the showers?

3.  Where can our troop have a camp fire?

4.  Where can we sleep?

5.  How many can sleep in each cabin?

Thank you Seiler Instruments…

Thanks to Seiler Instruments, the GS Troop has received free use of three GeoXH’s for their first project at Camp Ada on Oct. 8-9!!  What is a GeoXH?  Read more about them here:


Welcome Girl Scout Troop 2615!  Get ready to MAP!  Please watch this online video: by Wed. Sept. 28th.